I have just moved back home to Maine, where I hope to live and work for many years to come. I support wind power and all it does to preserve our environment and fuel our economy.

The recent column by Mike Bond (“Maine Voices: LePage is right – wind farm subsidies are poor use of government funding,” Jan. 28) suggests that there is no good reason to subsidize wind energy. I wonder if he supports subsidies to the fossil fuel industry, of which there are plenty.

As a young adult, I have become aware that our government subsidizes education, energy, transportation, health care, agriculture and almost everything I can think of. Given this fact, I support the investment in nonpolluting power.

I love the outdoors and all of what my state has to offer me. I live with and love the wind turbines on Penobscot Bay and on the mountain ridge across from Sugarloaf.

I love the idea of a renewable resource providing me with the juice I need every day to plug in my cellphone charger, hair dryer or electric heater.

And I am very happy to think that the more wind energy we have flowing across our power lines, the less I have to pay for fuels that pollute our air.

Cary Gemmer