Besides being thankful for one of the most influential, effective and admired statesmen in the world, as well as a tireless and generous servant of the people of Maine, we should be most grateful that Paul LePage was not governor when George Mitchell’s mother and father came here from Lebanon and Ireland, respectively.

They might not have been allowed to stay if LePage had his way, and they certainly could not have had any help.

While it is a notable travesty that Gov. LePage would ignore a person of the world-renowned stature of George Mitchell being honored at the State House (“Bill Nemitz: Special vote of confidence for Maine students,” Jan. 29), it is for the better that he did so.

LePage does not deserve to be in the same room with George Mitchell, given LePage’s embarrassing behavior, his utterly tasteless outbursts and his total failure to serve the people of Maine.

Nevertheless, shame on LePage for one more example of his failure as both a decent human being, and as a head of state.

Judith L. Eycleshymer



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