After reading the lovely tributes Jan. 29 to the great folk singer and humanitarian, Pete Seeger, by Bob Keyes (“Pete Seeger’s life of song had a Maine verse”) and Greg Kesich (“Pete Seeger used song to unite people, power social and political change”), I turned to the second page to read the headline “Time to bring back the firing squad?” What a contrast between decency and barbarism.

Proponents of the death penalty are bothered because of the shortage of lethal injection drugs used in the “humane killings” in this country.

The shortage is due to European drugmakers’ decision to stop selling these death drugs. No country in Europe or South America has this evil law on its books.

I was struck by the irony in the thinking of these proponents, who thought that a “humane way” of killing was the way to go to assuage their consciences. Should that option end, they seem to have no compunction about returning to shooting, hanging, gassing or frying.

What a country.

Barbara Doughty



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