The Feb. 8 Press Herald included an editorial assigning a thumbs up or thumbs down to significant events of the week (“Our View: Thumbs up, thumbs down – a roundup of the week”). The Maine Supreme Judicial Court decision that the property line for 29 beachfront homeowners on Goose Rocks Beach in Kennebunkport extends to the low-water mark was awarded a thumbs down.

At both the federal and state levels, our governments are divided into three branches: legislative, executive and judicial. The legislatures make laws for the public good consistent with the Constitution; the executive branch administers those laws, and the judicial branch interprets the meaning, intent and legality of laws and legal documents.

Maine’s highest court should have been granted a thumbs up for adhering to its assigned role in spite of what I would guess a majority, if not all, of its members would have liked to have seen for the general public of the state of Maine. Also deserving a thumbs up are the property owners who have expressed an intent to continue to allow the public to use the beach below high water as long as they behave appropriately.

Shame on the liberal Press Herald editorial staff, who apparently want to have a court that oversteps its bounds.

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