Swimming’s Southwesterns, a major dustup requiring two days and two pools, unfolded this past weekend, Friday and Saturday the 7th and 8th of Feb. The sport’s lead-in to States, Southwesterns are divvied into “North Southwesterns” and “South Southwesterns,” the latter of which took place in and around the Davan Pool at the Westbrook Community Center. The girls kicked off Saturday afternoon, and Waynflete emerged from the water victorious.

Sanford head coach Jon Jacques is enthusiastic about his team’s season thus far. “We’ve had a great year. The kids are doing very well; everyone’s showing mass improvement. The boys and the girls have all been very impressive and I’m very happy to see them grow this year.”

For Jacques, Southwesterns is yet another opportunity for the kids to advance their skills. “I just like to see the kids push themselves to the next level, against all the competition that’s out there.”

Jacques is excited for States, but knows the exhaustion it brings. “It’s just a long day. It takes a lot of time out of the kids, they’ve put a lot of dedication on it.”

Team results:

1. Waynflete 190

2. Yarmouth 177

3. Kennebunk 162

4. Gorham 152

5. Sanford 136

6. Massabesic 130

7. Thornton 105

8. Portland 80

9. Biddeford 72

10. Windham 55

11. Wells 22

12. Bonny Eagle 19

Top events finishers:

200-yd Medley Relay

1. Yarmouth A

2. Waynflete A

3. Thornton A

4. Kennebunk A

5. Gorham A

6. Sanford A

200-yd Freestyle

1. Elaine Dudley (Massabesic)

2. Olivia Hammer-Grant (Kennebunk)

3. Eliza Oliver (Yarmouth)

4. Sofia Canning (Waynflete)

5. Reegan Leslie (Portland)

6. Alex Farinella (Windham)

200-yd IM

1. Colby Harvey (Waynflete)

2. Ashley Cryer (Massabesic)

3. Fiona Harms (Kennebunk)

4. Brianna Jelly-Webber (Yarmouth)

5. Pearl Frohloff (Sanford)

6. Blanca Monsen (Gorham)

50-yd Freestyle

1. Amelia Deady (Waynflete)

2. Mariah Brady (Biddeford)

3. Courtney Dumont (Sanford)

4. Cara Ricciardi (Yarmouth)

5. Lexy Haye (Wells)

6. Hannah LeBlanc (Gorham)

100-yd Butterfly

1. Ellen Silk (Waynflete)

2. Abby Belisle Haley (Yarmouth)

3. Marshall Lowery (Kennebunk)

4. Brooklynn Friel (Biddeford)

5. Lindsay Nichols (Kennebunk)

6. Katie Lord (Thornton)

100-yd Freestyle

1. Amelia Deady (Waynflete)

2. Olivia Hammer-Grant (Kennebunk)

3. Teagan Snyder (Yarmouth)

4. Courtney Dumont (Sanford)

5. Pearl Frohloff (Sanford)

6. Alicia Robinson (Gorham)

500-yd Freestyle

1. Ellen Silk (Waynflete)

2. Mariah Brady (Biddeford)

3. Elaine Dudley (Massabesic)

4. Ashley Clark (Gorham)

5. Renee Nichols (Kennebunk)

6. Reegan Leslie (Portland)

200-yd Freestyle Relay

1. Yarmouth A

2. Gorham A

3. Waynflete A

4. Thornton A

5. Biddeford A

6. Massabesic A

100-yd Backstroke

1. Colby Harvey (Waynflete)

2. Marshall Lowery (Kennebunk)

3. Ashley Cryer (Massabesic)

4. Grace Hansen (Sanford)

5. Brianna Jelly-Webber (Yarmouth)

6. Emily Couture (Portland)

100-yd Breaststroke

1. Eliza Lunt (Yarmouth)

2. Katie Lord (Thornton)

3. Brooklynn Friel (Biddeford)

4. Renee Nichols (Kennebunk)

5. Joanna LaFrance (Massabesic)

6. Grace Pickering (Thornton)

400-yd Freestyle Relay

1. Kennebunk A

2. Waynflete A

3. Yarmouth A

4. Gorham A

5. Sanford A

6. Massabesic A

Sanford’s Jordan Wilson swims the 200-yard Free at Saturday’s South Southwesterns in Westbrook.Biddeford Tiger Rebecca Johnson slices through the water in the 200-yard Free.Sanford Spartan Brenna Lambert in the 200 Free.Erin Judge of Bonny Eagle splashes forward in the 200-yard Freestyle at Saturday’s South Southwesterns.Sanford freshman Madison Leigh is already posting excellent times in the 200 Free.Gorham senior Charlene Landry gulps down a breath in the 200-yard Freestyle.Gorham freshman Molly Sposato is already a swimmer to be reckoned with.Windham senior Alex Farinella takes a stroke in the 200-yard Free.Thornton’s Morgan Gooding surfaces for breath in the breaststroke leg of the 200-yard IM.Windham freshman Olivia Verrill splashes through the backstroke leg of the 200-yard IM.Bonny Eagle’s Cici Deakin swims the 200-yard IM.Sanford sophomore Grace Hansen butterflies through one leg of the 200-IM at Saturday’s South Southwesterns in Westbrook.Gorham Junior Blanca Monsen slides through the water in the 200 IM.

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