“The charity that is a trifle to us can be precious to others.”

— Homer

The Saco Food Pantry’s view of this phrase could be said as follows: The extended hand of those mentioned here offering a can of beans may mean a meal to the one receiving it. Those extended hands of help belong to people such as Diane B. Brunelle and family, Carol Scott and the Trip family, Saco Parks and Recreation, Leeward Landing in York, Vacationland Bowling, the Fleurant family and Vic’s Appliance Center, John De Roche and Associates at Shaw’s Saco, our houses of worship, anonymous friends, Fernleaf Bakery, Saco Valley Auto Care, Brian and Susan Haley, Andrew Dumsch, Drs. George Gagnon and Michelle Collay, Saco Hannaford, Maurice and Toni Maloney, Ron and Barbara Boutet, Steve and Mary Boutet, David and Jane Smith, Actuarial Designs & Solutions, Stephan and Linda Clappers, Biddeford & Saco Water Co., Saco Book Discussion Group, Anne King, Sylvia Searle, Lorraine Jones, Wilber and Rachel Bernier, Ron and Rachel Bolduc, Curves for Women, Eddie and Lorraine Warner, Cory and Anne Zahares, John and Lina O’Brion, Tami McDonald, Suzanne Cyr, James and Grace Farr, S&B Savings Institution, Carol Scott, Susan Winch, Mary Antonowicz, Stan and Mary Tucker, Michael and Diane Zaitlin, Cardullo Properties, Al and Bernadette Coulombe, Rev. and Mrs. Harold Worthy, Miriam Clasby, Catherine Marshall, Doug Bags, Thomas and Jane Kircher, Bill and Mary Johnson, Altrusa Club of Biddeford-Saco, Raymond and Claudette Vachon, Stephan and Grete Palermo, Michael and Catherine Knowles, Leslie and Jill Fleisher, Michael and Julie Campisi, Germaine Dumas, Ann Marie and Mary Kenney, Jean Emerson, Rita Shaw, Billow House LLC, Ray and Claire Jean, Peter and Inga Brown, Melville and Janet Woodman, Laurent and Rolande St. Pierre, Ronald and Leanne Chenard, Ron Guevin and Ann-Marie Toderico, Harold and Elsie Boudreau, Maurice Bereron, Anne Sirois, Joseph and Doris Buonomo, Lucille Reed, Ron and Patti Harwood, Diane Brunelle, Roxie Chase, Barbara Turgeon, Anne Chisholm, Bob and Linda Demeo, Albert Pargande, Knights of Columbus, Patricia Beaudoin, Rhonda Whitaker, Melissa Newell, Pauline Hevey and Karen Cormier, Norman and Nancy Labbe, Guy and Cindy Blais, Jane McKechnie and Nancy Brookshire, Tom and Lynn Verrill, Russell and Carol Lombard, Chenston Chenard, and this newspaper.

Then, there are those such as Steve and Mary Boutet, Ken and Heidi Byrd, Ron and Barbra Boutet, Phil Curtis, Jack and Anita Colpitts, who are honored by others, and the memories of Clayton Fernald, Jason Woodman, Marguerite Dumas and Janet Johnson.

To all for that simple can of beans, that act of caring in whatever capacity shown, and on behalf of those who benefited from it, thank you and God Bless.

-Bob Nichols, Saco Food Pantry