Trade agreements can, and have, led to the continued exportation of American jobs. Fast-track legislation, which establishes a process in which trade deals can be submitted to Congress allowing no amendments and limiting debate on trade deals, only hurts American jobs even more.

Fast track has produced deals like the North American Free Trade Agreement, which to this day continues to devastate the American economy, workers and communities. The Baucus-Hatch-Camp fast-track legislation (S. 1900/H.R. 3830) is one of these “deals.”

Rather than having trade deals like Baucus-Hatch-Camp, we American workers need trade policies that ensure our Congress has a fair opportunity to study trade deals, debate and ultimately reject deals that won’t benefit American industries.

Baucus-Hatch-Camp does not include any proposed reforms to create transparency or accountability in trade policies. Trade bills need to be as transparent as possible so that Congress and the rest of us can see exactly how these bills will affect American workers and businesses.

We need bills that will benefit us all, not just the 1 percent. We need bills that support enforceable disciplines on currency manipulation. We need bills that will support comprehensive job training programs and ensure worker safety programs.

Pride in American-made products is resounding across our country. The Super Bowl ads honoring American manufacturing are perfect reminders at this time that we can and are rebuilding our country’s economy on our own soil and by our own workers.


Our two Maine representatives, Mike Michaud and Chellie Pingree, both recognize what Maine families have lost and what we need restored; both oppose fast track.

We need Sens. Susan Collins and Angus King to join them in opposing fast track. Please call or email our senators and encourage them to oppose fast-track legislation.

Elizabeth O’Connor



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