The Alexander Group contract should be canceled because it is a waste of taxpayer dollars at a time when Maine doesn’t have a penny to spare. That’s why we put in a bill to cancel the no-bid $1 million contract last week.

We agree with many of the points in your editorial, published Feb. 14, “Our View: Defunding study lets LePage off the hook.”

It’s true, as you say, that this flawed and controversial report has a $575 million error.

National and local experts agree it makes ridiculous assumptions and is seriously flawed.

However, by allowing this contract to continue, we are literally taking money out of a fund that helps put food on the table or roof over the head of struggling families, including mothers fleeing domestic violence.

The contract uses federal and state funds meant for temporary assistance for families in crisis. It is irresponsible and poor management to continue to use these dollars in this way.

Gov. LePage claims to be a savvy turnaround specialist from the business world, but what CEO would keep a $1 million contract with a company whose work is so shoddy?

We disagree that the contract should go on so that Gov. LePage can be “on the hook,” as you say.

He is already on the hook. We just don’t believe Maine taxpayers and families should be.

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