Gunshots rang out about 11 a.m. on Jan. 5 on Horseback Road in Clinton.

Minutes later, an injured Linda Owens was at her neighbor’s door. The neighbor let her in, tended to her wound and called 911.

In the frantic minutes that followed, the neighbor told police dispatchers that Owens had apparently been shot by her boyfriend, Edward Domasinsky.

After shooting himself in the face, Domasinsky got in his truck and drove toward the caller’s home, stopping at a small white house between the two homes and tried to break in.

“He’s trying to break in the house over there,” the caller said. “He thinks she’s in there.”

After failing to get into the empty house, Domasinsky drove toward the caller’s home — to the terror of the neighbor, whose name was not released.


“Yep, he’s stopped out front. Oh God! … Get out of here! Go! Go! Get out of here! Get out a here! Go home! Go home, the police are coming here! … You’ve blown your face off!”

Details of the chaotic scene are described in a transcript of the 911 call, which the Morning Sentinel obtained this week through a public records request. Police later said Owens, 46, had not been shot as the neighbor initially believed, but was burned on the shoulder from the gun blast when she deflected the barrel.

Owens told police that while she fled, she heard the gunshot as Domasinsky shot himself. She ran to the neighbor’s house about a quarter-mile down the road.

She was later taken by Delta Ambulance to Inland Hospital in Waterville, where she was treated and released.

Domasinsky, 55, remains at Maine Medical Center in Portland receiving treatment for a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the face.

Charges against Domasinsky are on hold until he has recovered from his injuries, according to Clinton Police Sgt. Rusty Bell, who investigated the shooting.


“We want him to be medically able to stand trial,” Bell said Wednesday.

A spokeswoman at Maine Medical Center said Tuesday that Domasinsky was in satisfactory condition. Bell said that Domasinsky is still receiving treatment for the facial injuries.

Bell said Owens is being helped.

“We’ve contacted with Linda and the Family Violence Project to work with her with recovering from the incident and to find housing,” Bell said.

Owens and Domasinsky had been in a relationship for a couple years, according to Bell, and she had recently moved into the two-story house on Horseback Road.

When the neighbor first dialed 911, he told the dispatcher that Domasinsky shot his girlfriend. The caller said Owens appeared to be injured on her back shoulder


“I heard her screamin’ outside, I brought her down to my house, she’s wounded,” the caller said, saying he was on his house’s roof when he heard the screams. “He allegedly shot himself.”

The caller said he could see Domasinsky leaving his house and “it looks like he’s comin’ down here.” Domasinsky, after driving to a nearby empty house, started honking his truck’s horn.

“If he’s got a gun I don’t want him over here,” the caller said.

After the brief confrontation in the caller’s driveway, Domasinsky drove back to his house, according to the 911 transcript. It’s unclear from the transcript what Domasinsky’s intentions were before he drove back to his home. Bell said he wasn’t armed when he drove over to the neighbors.

“He didn’t take any weapons with him when he left the house,” Bell said. “By the time I got there, about 12 minutes after the incident, we knew we had to get him to a hospital. He was in bad shape.”

During the 911 call, the neighbor said it appeared Domasinsky “blew his jaw off.”

When police arrived, they found Domasinsky sitting in his truck at his home, conscious and alert, Bell said.

Clinton police officer Karl Roy, who was the first responder on scene, helped Domasinsky out of the truck and went with him for medical attention. Domasinsky was later taken by LifeFlight helicopter to Maine Medical Center.

Jesse Scardina — 861-9239 [email protected] Twitter: @jessescardina

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