I am not a smart man, but I know a lot. One thing I know is that Maine winters are harsh. A lot of snow and ice. It happens every year.

Here is the rub. Every year, just about now, most every city and town announces that they have used up the monies that were set aside for snow and ice (“Road-clearing budgets nearly plowed under in Maine,” Feb. 6).

It doesn’t matter the size of the town. It’s almost laughable. Why do the city councils think it is going to be a mild winter?

Portland has plenty of resources to maintain bike and walking trails, but snow removal always pushes the limit of budgeted money.

So my idea would be to budget extra money toward snow removal, and if, for some reason, it doesn’t snow in February, look at all that leftover revenue to invest in things like walking trails or roadside trash pickup.

Greg Locke



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