Before the Affordable Care Act, my own experience with the health care system was costly. I spent way too much money on bad student health plans with relatively high premiums and very high deductibles. At the time I knew this was unsustainable, but I had no other options, considering my financial situation.

Thankfully, that changed when the ACA went into effect. However, by refusing the federal Medicaid expansion for hardworking Mainers, Gov. LePage is still denying thousands of Mainers the opportunity to obtain quality health care.

As a result of Paul LePage’s decision not to expand Medicaid, thousands of residents who are living under the poverty line, have no children and are not disabled, retired or pregnant will not qualify for Maine’s current Medicaid program. As well, they don’t qualify for insurance from the Marketplace Exchange. I call this “The Non-Expansion Gap.”

States that did not expand their Medicaid program are seeing a gap that hardworking Americans are falling into: not making enough to qualify for the ACA and not qualifying for Medicaid from their own states.

Write to Gov. Paul LePage and tell him that Mainers want Medicaid expanded ASAP.

Tell LePage that his plan to create a new Maine health care system independent from the ACA is unreasonable and is costing Maine taxpayers a fortune.


Tell LePage that he’s on the wrong side of history, and he will lose his re-election this fall if he does not expand Medicaid to Maine residents, who overwhelmingly want Medicaid expansion.

A month ago, I was able to purchase an affordable, quality health plan via Today, I’m insured, healthy and informed. I have a new primary care physician, and life is good.

So here’s to your health and longevity, and here’s to expanding Medicaid in Maine for a healthy and bright future.

Lucky Bistoury



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