On Saturday, Feb. 22, a breakfast visit to the Westbrook McDonald’s came within a split second of being a visit to an emergency room or worse.

I parked in a left rear slot, then started walking toward the rear entrance. Still in shadows, the entire area was a sheath of treacherous black ice.

Out of nowhere, a small car came tearing around the back and past the order pickup windows, just as I started to walk across toward the entry door. The car then did a left-hand 180-degree turn sideways, just missing two parked cars, stopped for a second, then continued out to the front exit and Main Street.

I want to alert whomever the driver of that car was to just how close he or she came to causing a disaster with the lack of courtesy, dangerous driving and total disregard for anyone else. I would also ask the McDonald’s management to provide proper sanding on the property.

Dennis Marrotte