For more than a year, the Portland Press Herald has carried stories referring to “10 to 25” noisy protesters on the sidewalk at Planned Parenthood on Congress Street in Portland on Friday and Saturday mornings, when abortions are performed there.

It happens that during three consecutive Fridays in April 2013, I was there standing and praying with the other pro-lifers while I was recovering from surgery.

In addition to myself, there were two other adults, praying and carrying signs with pictures of aborted pre-born babies and trying to convey information to the public about developing human life in the womb of a pregnant woman. The graphic nature of the photographs was due to the reality of the effects of human abortion.

Any objective, honest person witnessing these events would have to describe the pro-lifers’ activity as peaceful and, while graphic, informative.

Your newspaper’s description of 10 to 25 noisy, obstructive persons is simply not true. For the three weekends when I was there, besides me there were two other adults, along with two children under the age of 10, who were not participating.

Somebody is not being truthful with the PPH staff writers delivering the news.

Richard Traynor



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