Concerning M.D. Harmon’s column “Regarding climate change, John Kerry is the one full of hot air” (Feb. 21):

The “definitive comment” by George Will to which Mr. Harmon refers is misdirected.

Mr. Will’s assumptions about “raging” debate are surely about mass media argument. Citing the Pew Research poll only points out how effectively a well-funded media campaign can force other issues to the front.

In a scientific presentation of facts, peer-reviewed research is considered relevant. Dr. S. Fred Singer, who also was quoted in the column, has no articles of peer-reviewed research in the scientific record.

His organization, Science and Environmental Policy Project, is funded by industry contributions; it also created arguments disputing the effects of secondhand smoke for corporate clients.

Mean global air temperatures are warming, but the changes in the warmth of ocean waters and the acidification caused by excess carbon dioxide saturated into the ocean, coupled with the destruction of millions of acres of forest, intensify the problems.


Destruction of marine resources is reaching a critical point. Extreme weather changes are costing hundreds of billions of dollars to our gross domestic product.

Secretary of State Kerry’s remarks were intended to lead the international community to accept responsibility for action. Fortunately, many governments are coming to grips with the problem and there are solutions to innovate our way out of the problem. If we as a global population don’t act now, the future for Earth is bleak.

Robert Libby

Chebeague Island


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