In response to LogistiCare’s Feb. 14 advertisement in the form of an open letter to the residents of Maine, I have several questions.

Would you put your school-aged child on a bus for a half-hour trip that by contract allows the bus company to take up to 1½ hours to complete?

Would you, personally, use a transportation company that can arrive anywhere from 30 minutes early to pick you up, with a five-minute warning, to 15 minutes late to get to work?

Would you, personally, use a transportation company that calls you with a pickup time that is the arrival time at your destination?

How long would you use a transportation company that says, “We will get you there, eventually”?

I’ve heard all the excuses. “Do you know how many rides we schedule?”


This is your job. You bid on it. Now do it.

Peter Lovell



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