On Feb. 26, the Portland Press Herald finally published an article suggesting that the move to Lewiston wasn’t such a good idea for the Pirates hockey team (“Pirates again weak to the finish”).

All those months that the paper chronicled “the Pirates honchos said this” and “the Cumberland County Civic Center trustees said that,” there was no reporting of what the man in the street said or felt. I can report that I have felt demeaned and underestimated.

This season, I have attended no games and paid no money to the team (read “squabbling hierarchy”), and I will have a very hard time paying my money to the civic center when and if the Pirates return. I would happily support a boycott of at least one game to make the point about not taking fans’ support for granted.

I have great sympathy for the players – they are the real stars – but the fans are the other jewels in the crown. Those fans have voted with their feet this hockey season.

The other old adage that covers this debacle is money talks. In this particular case, low gate receipts speak loud and clear.

I do hope all the big guys – team management, county trustees and the Portland Press Herald – are listening at last.


Irma Cattaro

hockey fan

Cumberland Center


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