Yes! Thankfully, the Olympics are finally over, Bob Costas’ pink-eye saga notwithstanding.

First, let me say that I rooted for the American team with wild abandon. I am in awe of the sacrifice and training that go into just making the team. Having said that and to those Olympians who did not have the good fortune to medal or even contend: Shut up!

What a bunch of high-profile whiners we have produced. Yeah, I’m talking about you, “Flying Tomato,” and you, Bode “My-life-is-a-soap-opera” Miller, and especially you, Shani “It’s-the-suit” Davis.

The snow was too soft, the ice too hard, the humidity too high and – of course, who can forget – the water in my hotel room was dirty. Spare me your excuses. What, the competitors from the other countries weren’t using the same slopes, courses, rinks and hotel rooms?

Whatever happened to the Olympic spirit? “I did my best, left it all on the course but I guess I didn’t measure up to the competition. Congratulations, Boris! You were the better man/woman today and deserve the medal.”

It’s kind of like watching Justin Bieber (thank God he’s Canadian) or Miley Cyrus (wish she were …) self-destruct on the national stage.


It ain’t pretty and it certainly does no honor to the Olympians of the past, who really did leave it all at the games.

Jim Brown



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