We could easily and safely cut back our military numbers if we did a few common-sense things.

No. 1 would be to mind our own business, our own borders and cultivate relationships with our longtime allies. Cut out trying to save the whole world from themselves, because they don’t want saving.

They have lived like they are for thousands of years – why should we try to change their thinking or be responsible for them and try to make them just like us? All the aid we send is used to line the leaders’ coffers or is used against their own people.

The things we could accomplish in this country if we cut back the billions of dollars we send off in vain – think what we could do for our veterans; the poor and poverty-struck; the hungry and ill children in this country. We could bolster training, schools, health – the options are countless.

Come on, you so-called political leaders – Republican and Democratic. Look around you and listen to your constituents – most Americans have more pure common sense than all the members of Congress put together. Let’s have some positive action for a change instead of rhetoric and pocket-lining.

Jeannie Grant

North Waterboro


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