For decades, the powers that be in the Maine Legislature (mostly Democrats) abdicated their responsibility to make the difficult spending decisions by foisting them upon the voters in the form of bonds.

The Legislature knows full well that the voters (mostly uninformed) almost never see a bond proposal they don’t like.

The voters never seem to connect that bonds equal debt, and interest paid equals money down the drain. But this doesn’t matter, because it is the voice of the people, as the Democrats are so quick to say.

Now the governor wants to determine the will of the people by asking if they want him to pursue further tax cuts (“LePage proposes tax cut referendum for June,” March 12). What a great idea!

The Democrats call this a political stunt. I call it strategy. I wonder what the will of the people might be. Keep on chugging up the grade, Governor, there are more people behind you than the opposition dares to think.

Kurt Christiansen



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