For most of the college basketball season, I have been disappointed that you do not print most of the college basketball scores.

Generally, I can find only the games played by the top 25 teams. On the other hand, I can easily find the point spreads and odds for most sports events across the country, including college basketball. Why not game results, too?

This week is even worse. We are in the conference tournaments leading up to March Madness, but Thursday’s paper had no tournament results. (Guess no top 25 teams played, huh?) But the point spreads for that day’s games were sure there.

The women’s college basketball teams are also playing – again, only the one top 25 team result was provided. (The men’s NCAA Tournament automatic bids are listed, but not the women’s. Looks like maybe some bias to me.)

But every day this week, we have seen the Men’s Hockey East quarterfinal schedule, even though they didn’t start play till Friday. You do the same daily advance listings with the high school tournaments. Why do the college sports get short shrift?

The Washington Post long ago stopped printing the point spreads and odds on sports events. Perhaps you should consider doing the same.

If you did that and also dropped the NBA box scores, except for the Celtics, from the day’s paper, you would have nearly two columns available for the men’s and women’s college basketball conference tournaments, which are highlights of their seasons.

Daniel J. Rooney


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