I’m writing concerning a column titled, “Leonard Pitts: Arizona deserves boycott for its continuing role as state of intolerance” (Feb. 26).

What a laugh!

Pitts writes: “Simple human decency demands we no longer countenance intolerance in silence.” Yet here we catch him spewing out intolerance toward God, Jesus Christ and Christians.

This rant of his was brought on because the Arizona Legislature voted that owners of a bakery business could refuse to bake a cake to be served at a homosexual wedding, on the grounds it would violate their religious beliefs by making them active participants.

At this, Pitts had fits and stated, “Your right to follow religious conscience ends at someone else’s right to receive public service in public places.” Then the governor of Arizona caved to voices like Pitts’ and vetoed the bill, said to have had upward of 75 percent of the people’s approval.

Ironically, some day gays may regret the veto.


For example: Suppose a homosexual were in the printing business and a pastor asks him to print up 1,000 fliers to be passed out explaining how to overcome homosexuality.

At this, the pastor is told no, that would be against the printer’s beliefs, whereupon he is warned that if he doesn’t comply, his printing business will be closed along with a big fine and possible incarceration.

Indeed, perhaps Pitts would do well to reconsider his statement that “This is America. Your right to follow religious conscience ends at someone else’s right to receive public services … .”

Philip E. Kennard


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