Pancreatic cancer is not a well-known disease, but it is the fourth leading cause of death in cancer patients.

When the cancer is diagnosed, the victim sometimes has between a couple of hours to a couple of months to live. Yet there is no test to diagnose pancreatic cancer earlier.

I have been affected by losing relatives and teachers to this disease. As some people may know, Steve Jobs, one of the founders of Apple, died because of pancreatic cancer, as have many others.

There are only a few known survivors of this cancer.

What I am hoping will happen from my project is for people to think about pancreatic cancer when considering donating to a cause. Also, I would like to the spread the word about this cancer.

Doctors are not yet able to diagnose it in the early stages. Once it has advanced, there is not very much time left.

Hopefully, there will be enough funding in the near future to develop tests to diagnose it in the early stages, when it can be removed easily and when there is a very small chance of it coming back.

Alyssa de Silva


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