This has been a terrible winter, and roads are showing very pronounced wear and tear.

Back on Feb. 25, the local NBC affiliate, WCSH-TV 6, ran a feature regarding the awful potholes that are on many roads. They also noted that by state law, the towns have but 24 hours to repair such potholes.

Well, guess what, your diligent curmudgeon sent such an official complaint to the town of Yarmouth, as their roads are particularly bad, with some horrendous potholes. That notification was sent Feb. 25, and as of March 12, nothing has been done. Figures, since we are dealing with government!

Well, just for kicks and giggles I have sent yet another complaint to the two legislators who represent Yarmouth, Sen. Dick Woodbury and Rep. Janice Cooper. One wonders how this will go over and what immediate and prompt action will result. NOT!

Don’t you just love troublemakers? If it weren’t for people such as us, the government would run roughshod over the sheeple. Stay tuned to see what the result is!

George A. Fogg

North Yarmouth


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