Mike Michaud has a plan to help grow Maine’s economy, called “Maine Made.”

This economic plan pays attention to an economy that works for everyone, and helps create decent-paying jobs for Maine workers, while also focusing on building a vibrant and successful small business community.

It invests in education so that our workers can be part of our modern-day business sector, and it enables entrepreneurs to connect with new markets domestically and internationally.

It certainly will be a job creator so that our young, talented people don’t have to leave to earn a decent living.

Mike calls small businesses the “lifeblood of our economy” and plans to create a Compact With Small Businesses via a long-range plan that will also establish a Maine Domestic Trade Center. Michaud’s plan acknowledges the importance of the tourism industry in Maine and develops innovative methods to strengthen Maine’s brand to enhance tourism.

All his adult life, Michaud has devoted his energies to Maine. He was a millworker for 20-plus years and a state representative for 22 years.


As a U.S. representative, he’s worked on Maine’s behalf for 11 years. Now our hope is that, as governor, Mike can bring his experience and his commitment to all Mainers to help our state out of the economic slump it is now enduring. (Maine is 50th in the nation for private-sector job growth.)

To check out Mike’s plan in its entirety, go to: https://www.scribd.com/doc/207812190/Maine-Made. On Nov. 4, vote for the man with a plan.

Polly Shaw


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