I recently returned home from a month’s stay at Maine Medical Center and the New England Rehabilitation Center. A fall at home resulted in a fractured femur, but fortunately, I am one of the lucky Americans – I have government-provided Medicare health insurance plus supplemental AARP health insurance.

During my lucid moments, between bouts of indescribable pain, I marveled at and welcomed the care I received.

Cumberland EMTs were first to arrive at my home, transporting me to Maine Medical Center and into the capable hands of an orthopedic surgeon.

Eventually, I was transferred from the hospital to rehab. Nurses administered medication to ease my pain, and I was cared for by a certified nursing assistant who became a second mother to me.

At first meeting, these people were all strangers, but by the end of my stay, we had become fast friends. I depended upon their expertise and professionalism and could not have been in better hands.

On one occasion, I tried to express my gratitude to my nurse. She would have none of it. Her parting words were, “Always remember, we are here for you.”


Now I am receiving home health care visits from nurses and therapists, all covered by my insurance.

I am angry and disgusted with politicians who would deny equal medical treatment to anyone, under the guise of “fiscal responsibility” but in reality to further their own selfish political ambition.

We can be justly proud of all our health care providers. Shouldn’t their services be available to everyone?

Sam Kamin


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