What is happening to people’s judgment and common sense? When did an irrational sense of entitlement take precedent over the rights of others?

These questions come to mind, yet again, after recent news about the circumstances in Cape Elizabeth between the local gun club and a neighboring housing development (“Cape Elizabeth council approves shooting range ordinance,” March 11).

The gun club, with accompanying shooting range, was established 60 years prior to the creation of the neighboring housing development.

Did people buying homes in the development not know they were choosing to live near the gun club? Were they not intelligent enough to realize a gun club with a shooting range would be noisy? Who had the less-than-brilliant idea to build near a gun club to begin with?

The audacity of these individuals, demanding the gun club be forced to adhere to stricter regulations, thereby carrying out the homeowners’ proposed changes, is beyond my comprehension.

I found this entire situation and others like it to be ludicrous. I would like to understand how people can choose to move into an area, knowing what is already established in that area (and established for quite some time), then later on, decide they don’t like what is going on and believe they have the right to insist on stricter rules.


If they were fearful about gunshots or the noise associated with shooting, why would they ever choose to buy homes built near the shooting range?

This type of behavior just is inconceivable to me. Anyone care to enlighten me how this type of action can ever be considered fair or appropriate?

Karen Hawkins


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