Based on recent coverage, readers could infer that as the state senators representing Scarborough in the Maine Legislature, we strongly support L.D. 1111, a bill that would allow slot machines at harness racetracks. Any suggestion that we have taken a position on L.D. 1111, however, is inaccurate and premature.

Given the fluidity of events – the bill was amended twice in committee and twice on the House floor – we have not seen the final language and will not have the opportunity to do so until it is before the Senate.

It is also important to note that there are six gambling bills before the Senate, and each has its own complexities.

We have not taken a position on any of these bills and will evaluate the facts and potential consequences of each at the local and state level.

Let us be clear: our greatest concern is that the citizens of Scarborough and surrounding municipalities have a say on this issue. They deserve the right to approve or reject the proposition of expanded gambling in their communities and we will do everything we can to ensure that the ultimate outcome is predicated on their consent. 

Sen. Jim Boyle



Sen. Rebecca Millett

Cape Elizabeth


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