I never get tired of talking about dessert. For all of you who think vegans can’t enjoy sweet treats, try this recipe I got from a website and blog called deliciouslyella.com.

Just a few months ago, I featured a recipe for black bean brownies. This time it’s all about sweet potato. In our vegan household, we have sweet potatoes at least once a week.

Not only are they delicious, but sweet potatoes are very healthy for you as well.

They are filled with nutrients, including vitamins A and C. They also are high in fiber.

These brownies also contain almonds and dates, which also are good for you.

The good news, there is no processed sugar in this recipe. You sweeten the brownies with pure maple syrup.


Our family loved this recipe, especially the children. They didn’t care for the texture at first. It has the look, feel and taste of fudge. But after the first bite, all of the kids were begging for seconds.

Enjoy a healthy brownie for a change, and like always, enjoy that vegan thing.


2 medium to large sweet potatoes

2/3 cup of ground almonds

½ cup buckwheat flour


14 medjool dates

4 tablespoons of raw cacao

3 tablespoons of pure maple syrup

Pinch of salt

Start by preheating the oven to 350 degrees.

Peel potatoes, cut them into chunks and steam them for about 20 minutes until they become really soft.


Once they are perfectly soft, add them to a food processor with the pitted dates and mix.

Put the remaining ingredients into a bowl. Add the sweet potato and date combination and stir well.

Place in a lined baking dish and cook for about 20 minutes. You know they are done if you can pierce the brownies with a fork or toothpick and it comes out dry.

Remove the dish and allow it to cool for at least 10 minutes.

Remove the brownies from the dish and cool for another few minutes before cutting them into squares.

Jeff Peterson anchors the news from 5 to 7 a.m. on CBS 13 and from 7 to 8 a.m. on FOX 23 and is a vegan.

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