I was appalled when I read a letter from Michael Edes, a candidate for Cumberland County sheriff (“Cumberland County Jail security lapses raise questions,” March 15). The retired state trooper is an individual with little supervisory experience at best, running for the top-level spot in a $17 million operation as his retirement job!

Current Sheriff Kevin Joyce’s credentials speak to a man who’s a proven leader and gained the appropriate level of education and work background to lead such an operation.

He stands by the department he grew up in. His passion for his department shines through in every moment he puts on that uniform. After a recent incident at the jail he said, “The responsibility falls to me.”

Edes told local talk radio host Ray Richardson that the sheriff didn’t take responsibility. Thank you, Ray Richardson, for standing by the sheriff and explaining that Sheriff Joyce absolutely took responsibility.

Edes went on to say that the command staff should be held accountable and not so much the actual staff who put inmates and other corrections officers at risk! (You can listen to the replay online at www.wlobradio.com/.) I guess I’d expect that from someone who has never been a leader.

Sheriff Joyce has been a lifelong Democrat, while Edes recently changed parties, apparently to take advantage of the demographics of Cumberland County.


It appears he is switching allegiance again, from the state police to the sheriff’s office!

Edes wrote an editorial for the Maine State Troopers Association newsletter, touting the top police agency in the state as the state police and going as far as to write, “We could paint our cruisers pink with purple polka dots and within in two weeks, the deputies will be riding around with the same-colored cruisers.”

One day he’s against you; the next day he’s with you. Very interesting!

Deb McPhail


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