The Press Herald gave us very mixed messages March 23.

On one page, there was a commentary debunking Andrew Jackson for the removal and genocide of many Native American tribes (“Andrew Jackson isn’t worth the paper he’s printed on”).

On another page, you gave us ski writer John Christie’s big pep talk about a certain mountain in Greenville and its “friends of” group, who seem to be unaware (or simply do not care?) that the state years ago mandated the end of the use of racial/ethnic names that are hurtful and insulting to Native Americans (“Big Squaw’s back, now put it on your must-visit list”).

The state worked with landowners to rename all of Maine’s physical features – mountains, roads, parks, lakes, etc. – and it was well-publicized in the media.

This seemingly extremely self-centered ski mountain group’s refusal to change the resort’s name does not give the Press Herald or John Christie license to enable them by using the name in a headline and repeatedly throughout the column.

Wake up, people! If a lot of high schoolers can change their teams’ names, so can you.

Rather than flocking to this mountain as John Christie recommends, I would urge folks to boycott it until they get a better name.

Gillyin Gatto


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