Karen Hawkins’ recent letter to the editor (“Neighbors have no right to restrict gun club,” March 22) made a valid point regarding the Spurwink Rod & Gun Club’s right to operate in Cape Elizabeth.

However, Ms. Hawkins seemingly fails to recognize an equally pertinent issue.

The Spurwink Rod & Gun Club is located near conserved land and public hiking trails, as well as public roads. With its recent ordinance, the town of Cape Elizabeth is simply mandating that the club demonstrate that it meets minimum public safety standards as outlined by the National Rifle Association.

It is fair to say that the world has changed in the past 60 years. And our town has adapted accordingly.

Similarly, the particular weapons being discharged at the Spurwink Rod & Gun Club – and their fire power/range – have also changed in the past 60 years. It hardly seems unreasonable to ask the club to update/adapt their safety measures accordingly.

Cathy Kline

Cape Elizabeth


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