I applaud the trip by Portland’s sister city delegation to Archangel, Russia (“Russia’s an outcast, but Portland group’s trip to sister city still on,” March 28). We need more people-to-people diplomacy in this world, unfettered by the posturing of politicians, whether from the United States or Russia.

Pushing countries into a corner and isolating them economically, such as we did with Cuba, does nothing but exacerbate a problem.

It’s better than military invasion based on false information, a situation we in the United States should remember only too well from recent history, but it does nothing to make a conducive atmosphere for communication.

Perhaps nongovernmental, citizen efforts to sit down and talk one to one across a table should be the new template for international diplomacy – away from the spin, the glare of cameras or bellicose language.

Naive, perhaps, except there is always a nugget of truth that we don’t want to look at when we scoff at naivete.

Nicole d’Entremont
Peaks Island