I was just reading the article headlined “Gorham town councilor charged with drunken driving” (March 26).

Is it his first alleged offense? If it is, the man made a bad decision, according to police. If he has had more than one charge, well, shame on him.

Per the article, “Gorham’s town charter requires elected officials to vacate their posts if they’re convicted of crimes of ‘moral turpitude.’ ”

A quick glance at an online dictionary defines “turpitude” as a word that represents “depraved behavior.” It also means “repulsiveness.” Acts of moral turpitude are usually crimes that are unusually sick or corrupt.

There have been several articles in the Portland Press Herald of examples of moral turpitude – a retired Maine State Police chief who, the county sheriff said, admitted to having sexual contact with a 4-year-old girl (“Ex-Maine State Police chief accused of child sex abuse,” March 18). A magazine publisher in the Lewiston area charged with having child pornography on his computer (“Lewiston Auburn magazine publisher charged with having child porn,” March 21). People who sell drugs or who have meth labs.

I am not a prude, but equating a drunken-driving charge with moral turpitude is very extreme.

Dennis Ouellette



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