It cannot be denied that climate change is quickly affecting the features that comprise our beautiful state. Of particular interest to my fellow Bowdoin students is the fact that the past decade has been the warmest ever recorded in Maine, a direct result of greenhouse gas emissions.

This extra heat is being absorbed by the ocean and is threatening its ecosystems, which are the foundation of the state’s economy. Currently, power plants are the largest single source of carbon pollution nationwide; 50 of our country’s dirtiest U.S. plants emit more carbon than all but six other countries.

President Obama’s Climate Action Plan of 2013 authorizes the Environmental Protection Agency to use the Clean Air Act to cut carbon pollution from new and existing plants – the first federal limit on the amount of greenhouse gas pollution they can emit.

The state of Maine should support Obama’s effort to employ strong carbon standards and spur a shift to cleaner energy this spring.

Simi Harrison


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