I was disturbed by Steve Robinson’s March 29 commentary (“ ‘Give America a Raise’ makes good politics, but it’s not good policy”). In particular, his allegation that most of the poor are not working at all is not only insulting, it is also inaccurate.

Many workers at big-box stores and fast-food establishments qualify for federal assistance because their wages are too low to lift them out of poverty. In the state of Ohio, some 15 percent of Walmart employees receive food stamps.

The idea of growing the economy as we emerge from this recession has not worked well for the working poor. The benefits have gone primarily to the wealthy. The minimum wage has, after all, not been increased for more than a decade.

If we were able as a nation to grow our economy in ways that benefit all of our citizens, I believe the country would be much stronger than it is today.

Debate in a democracy is important, but commentaries that are long on ideology and short on facts are not helpful.

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