I would like to applaud Peter Mills of the Maine Turnpike Authority on a job well done regarding the cutting of the trees and brush from Portland to Gray in both directions.

We now have a much safer highway to travel. Visibility has been greatly enhanced and there is proper drainage. We have an abundance of wildlife in our beautiful state, and by removing the trees from the side of the highway, this will allow wildlife to graze at a safer distance.

I would be interested in the cost of the project. The trees and chips had value to offset the cost, and perhaps this could be a model for more roads down the road.

I also noticed the work is being done by a local company – it is nice to see money stay within state.

We all pay higher insurance premiums in Maine because of deer-car accidents and this project will address that.

Thanks again to Peter Mills for a job well done.

Lucien Langlois



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