I have always considered Maine a slice of heaven and have recently been reminded that it has its own “angels.”

My gas gauge is broken, and I cannot afford to have this rather costly repair performed. As a result, I keep a log in my car and attempt to keep track of how many miles I can drive before the next stop. Predictably, this is an inexact science and sometimes does not turn out well.

On April 2, my car stopped cold at a stop sign on Leighton Road in Falmouth.

One gentleman stopped and helped roll my car back out of traffic. A lovely lady drove to a gas station to buy me gas.

The station was not able to lend her a gas can, so she drove back to her house and she and her husband returned with a gas can, which her husband took back to the station, filled and brought back to me.

They put about $8 of gas in my car, to say nothing of the gas, time and trouble they took during this entire process. They then offered to follow me back to the station so I could acquire enough additional gas to get home.

Unfortunately, I did not get their last name, and we somehow got separated on the commute back to the station, so I am unable to thank them sufficiently for their great kindness.

They absolutely refused to take any money for their trouble or reimbursement for the gas. I can only hope God rewards these Good Samaritans for their extreme kindness to someone in need.

I am so proud, as a Mainer, to share this state with such caring people. It is one of the many things that makes this state truly “the way life should be”!

Abby Wilson