Last month, the Democrats killed a bill that would have created 3,000 new jobs. Now they want to expand unrestricted welfare benefits that enable the people to buy alcohol, tobacco and vacation out of state.

The problem with electronic benefit transfer cards is even criminals and illegal immigrants can — and do! — obtain them under the current scheme.

With their “Why fix it?” attitude, it seems the Democrats like this situation.

Why does your paper consistently support “progressive” positions that cause our citizens to become ever more dependent on government handouts? Is the ownership committed to the centralized control and suppression of individual independence, which is key to socialism?

These values erode our freedoms and destroy the foundations that made this republic an inspiration to people throughout the world. You gotta love that $17 trillion-plus national debt, don’tcha? Fortunately, to the dismay of the “progressive” professional politicians, Maine cannot print money.

Last month, Sen. Justin Alford said he would prefer to have no jobs than to live in a right-to-work state, and then he killed a bill to create 3,000 jobs. Where was that news story in your paper? I bet the people in my district would have loved those jobs.

David CallRepublican candidate for Maine Senate, District 26Standish

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