Gov. LePage says “no” to the MaineCare expansion bill. Bravo, Gov. LePage!

He’s one of the few in this state who get it. Maine is out of money. The federal government is out of money. The federal government’s offer of expansion through Obamacare is a big joke. Why don’t they just say, “We’ll take it from our stash”?

With LePage’s hard line on keeping Maine from drowning in debt, we may just see the sky someday. The Democrats say LePage favors ideology over providing health care for Mainers. I think they have that backward.

Democratic lawmakers are the biggest hindrance to sensible health care. Without LePage, hospitals would still be floundering and trying to provide care to Maine’s citizens while operating without the funds that were owed.

Any Maine legislator with that big “D” after your name – just remember that it stands for “Departure” during the next election.

Elizabeth Duckworth



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