SOUTH PORTLAND – A proposed $3.5 million capital bond in South Portland would cover the costs of further sewer and stormwater separation projects, along with streetscape improvements along the Main Street-Route 1 corridor, according to City Manager Jim Gailey.

The bond, which would require voter approval, was first pitched to the City Council during a meeting last week when councilors discussed the overall capital spending plan for the new fiscal year.

This week Gailey said he expects the council to decide by August whether to put the capital bond on the November ballot.

Gailey said the goal is to repay the bond using future sewer fees, along with money collected from the city’s various tax increment financing districts.

“The sewer and stormwater work is needed for the city to continue its effort of reducing the combined sewer outfalls,” Gailey said. “The work will add capacity to the sanitary sewer system and provide additional stormwater capacity to reduce area flooding during high rain events.”

The proposed streetscape improvements, he added, would “mirror those that were done in Knightville two years ago and will transform the Main Street corridor from the old 1960s focus on vehicle (movement) to a more current design that provides greenscape, wider sidewalks and bike lanes. It is our hope that through the new streetscape improvements a re-gentrification of Main Street will occur through residential and small business development.”

– Kate Irish Collins

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