Justice Carl Bradford has once again denied justice for Dennis Dechaine (“Maine convicted murderer Dennis Dechaine loses bid for new trial”, April 10).

This judge, who should have recused himself from continuing with the case, has once again made a travesty of our justice system. I can only guess what pressure has been put on him by the Attorney General’s Office.

They need to know we’re not going away. We have the facts – previously concealed evidence, false testimony and science. We understand these things, and they make a difference.

So the question of what a judge is thinking does not go away – the judge who prevented DNA testing before Dennis’ trial, the judge who has held on to Dennis’ case ever since, a judge who will not (maybe cannot) allow a jury of honest Mainers to hear all the evidence Dennis’ original jury was prevented from hearing in his courtroom.

The attorney general’s people know they cannot allow a jury of men and women to render a verdict based on all the facts, because they know that the whole truth will expose them, embarrass them, defeat them.

Susan Pastore