I am shocked after reading one of the Local & State Dispatches on Page B2 on April 17, “Bill to restore rebates for solar panels fails in Maine Senate.”

What shocked me most about this is that the governor and Republican lawmakers justify their objections to this bill because it would add 60 cents a year to residents’ electric bills.

Really! Sixty cents a year! That’s 5 cents a month. Is there really anyone in the state of Maine who can’t afford 5 cents a month? I don’t think so.

This seems to me to be another example of partisan politics in Augusta. If it’s not my idea or the idea of my party, it’s a bad idea.

Or maybe the people who think that encouraging the use of carbon-neutral devices to generate electricity is a bad thing just still have their heads in the sand. Too bad for us because, believe it or not, global warming is for real.

Stephen Johnson


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