What has become of objective journalism? Has the Fourth Estate been foreclosed upon?

I pose these questions because of the total lack of coverage by the Maine Sunday Telegram of the demonstration that took place at Bath Iron Works on April 12 when the USS Zumwalt was christened.

While there was no lack of coverage of the politicians, military and defense contractors who attended this event, the almost 100 citizens from throughout New England who carried banners and signs, chanted, sung and drummed in protest of this $3.3 billion boondoggle were totally ignored by your paper.

There was not one mention or photograph of the many members of Code Pink, Maine Veterans for Peace and the many other concerned citizens who spent the better part of a beautiful spring day questioning the sanity of a nation that continues to spend precious resources building weapons of mass destruction.

No matter what side one takes on the issue of BIW’s mission and the jobs it provides here in Maine, the people deserve to know that there are two sides to spending taxpayer money this way and furthering America’s role as the No. 1 maker in the world of weapons for war.

Your lack of coverage would be inexcusable for even a college newspaper, but for the leading paper in Maine, it smacks of politics. Shame.

Don Kimball

South Portland