We write today to seek awareness and help for the desperate situation that is occurring in South Sudan.

Numerous people are suffering a great humanitarian loss.

There are true reports of the dramatic reality of tens of thousands of women, children and adolescents who have fled their homes because of conflict, and are now holed up in desolate camps, far from the eyes and the minds of the world.

It’s difficult for people in their situation to have an opportunity to speak openly about issues such as living in the middle of the mud and slush and filth, and their experience of suffering. Humanitarian institutions do what they can to help, but the refugee reality is vast and out of control.

Imagine these people living in a non-place where they can’t go back to where they came from, and they can’t go forward. Imagine having nothing. For example: basic food, health care, shelter and education.

Most of these refugee camps are in the northern part of Uganda. Recent figures by the Red Cross point to some 60,000 refugees from that area.

Most of these refugees subsist and do what they have to do to get through each day. There are no basic medicines to help with disease, and there is an excess of malaria.

These people also have no direct contact with what is going on in the world around them so they can get consolation and encouragement.

These people hope that we can advocate for them and help bring justice to their situation. Please help bring awareness to their ongoing struggle.

Rob Poissant