Six Red Stormers notched goals against Yarmouth Saturday afternoon, including Ainsley Jamieson with three and Bailey Adams with two – the second of which, on a free position, clinched the game, a 9-7 victory.

The homefield W bumps Scarborough to 1-0 in 2014, and gives the young team a confidence boost as the season gets going.

“This happened last year when we played them,” said Red Storm head coach Marcia Wood. “We were up by six, seven goals, and they just started trickling away, and in the end they got us.

“So I think all the girls had that in the back of their head, like ‘This is really not over until the end.’ ”

Nevertheless, Wood is happy with the win. “What I loved, and what I kept saying to them, was how smart they were. They took time off the clock, they were trying to do stuff like working on the restraining line – it didn’t always work, but you could see them thinking more about the game rather than just about themselves.”

“We came together very well,” said senior Maggie Corbin. “It’s our first real game, and I think we did really well.”

Like any dedicated athlete, Corbin had some critiques of her own performance, but looked forward to her next opportunity to get every play just right: “I threw it away a couple times; but I’m going to improve.”

Abby Mills opened the scoring just minutes in, on an Adams assist. Jamieson, then Adams, then Jamieson again added points in rapid succession in the following minutes. Emma Smith dropped one in as the first half entered its late stretch, and Scarborough had a 5-0 lead.

“Coming into the game, I was super-excited,” Adams said. “We were all pretty pumped up. But it was the home-opener, so we were all pretty nervous. We know Yarmouth is a great team.”

Their eventual triumph wouldn’t come so easily, however. Less than two minutes after Smith scored, Yarmouth’s Lane Simsarian returned the favor for 5-1. The Red Storm’s Sydney Hersey soon answered back, but the Clippers had hoisted their sails to the wind. They hashed two more before the half – one by Molly Maguire and the other by Grace O’Donnell.

7-3 at the break.

Upon the teams’ return, Yarmouth in fact took control. Maguire especially proved dangerous, dumping home two more points in the first few minutes for 7-5.

“We were making some silly mistakes,” Wood said. “Some of their second-half shots came because we couldn’t control the ball. Just dropping a lot of passes that shouldn’t have been dropped, trying to force too much.”

Adams saw her team falling back on their haunches a little as well. “It was kind of last-year. I looked at the scoreboard and it was 6-1, and I thought, ‘It’s going to be a repeat of last year.’ But we composed ourselves, we talked to each other, we helped each other out.

“We just knew we could get through it, if we kept pushing, taking time off the clock, crashing the net.”

Corbin didn’t see her squad get overconfident so much as lose track of their skills a little. “We had to get that back – we had to focus. Once coach called a timeout, we were able to collect ourselves. We were able to play our game, get it back.”

Near the 20-minute mark, though, and after a series of fouls, Adams found herself with a free position barely a dozen yards out from the Clippers’ net. She had a clear path, took a clear shot and scored – Scarborough’s eighth point.

But what the Red Storm most needed was adequate protection for their new goalie. “Jenna [Block], my first-year-goalie, did phenomenal,” said Wood. “First time in there. Never even played lacrosse before; hockey girl.”

“Our sophomores, our underclassmen, are pretty talented,” said Adams.

Block stood strong, and her teammates stood strong with her. Yarmouth managed two further points – one by Shannon Fallon at 12:45, another by O’Donnell in the final 30 seconds – but Jamieson tallied another as well.

When the dust settled, when time expired on the back-and-forth, Scarborough still stood atop a tough rival.

“I thought it was going to take us a little bit to get going, but this was a great showing,” Wood said.

“I’m excited to see what’s to come,” Adams said. “Yarmouth is great competition. That was a great way to start off the season.”

Scarborough next faces off at South Portland, on Friday, May 2, at 5:30.

Scarborough’s Emma Smith cuts upfield, beset front and back by Yarmouth defenders.Red Storm junior Kaitlin Prince shoulders around a pair of Clippers defenders.Scarborough’s Ainsley Jamieson looks for a pass through the rain at home against Yarmouth Saturday afternoon.Bailey Adams storms through a squeeze of Yarmouth players on her home field Saturday afternoon.Red Storm head coach Marcia Wood watches intently from the sidelines.Scarborough’s Jamie Sargent rips a shot on the Yarmouth goalie in the Red Storm’s 9-7 victory over the Clippers Saturday afternoon.