I would like to thank William Keith for his letter to the editor of April 23 (“In move to Gray, Narrow Gauge Railroad would give up ocean view”), asking some important questions regarding the relocation of Maine Narrow Gauge to the town of Gray.

While he claims to be an uneducated man, I would say he is merely uninformed.

The railroad knew five years ago that its current Portland location’s property was on the market. The Board of Trustees sent out more than 30 requests for interest, followed by requests for proposals to those communities that demonstrated an interest – Gray and Portland included. The board weighed all the responses and selected Gray.

The Portland property has been sold, and we need to relocate.

The estimated costs will be raised through fundraising and grant writing – not on the backs of taxpayers.

We will operate on land we will own. We do not plan to sink in the marsh or sink as a nonprofit business.


We will miss our view, but the new location will more accurately reflect the historic “run” of the narrow gauge 2-foot rails of Maine.

We thank the town of Gray for their welcome and support, and thank the people for 20-plus years of support.

Donnell Carroll

executive director, Maine Narrow Gauge Railroad Co. & Museum




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