As a past Cumberland County commissioner, I am expressing my support for Sheriff Kevin Joyce’s re-election.

During my tenure, I observed him skillfully struggle to provide adequate public services and police protection for communities with a minimum budget; he serves the county’s communities with a bare-bones budget while protecting the county’s citizens.

When asked to present a service program to provide a higher level of service, he presented facts and figures, which required increasing staff and resources to more optimal levels, with reasonable additional support and assets – not a padded program.

When specifically administering programs for the jail, he constantly tried to find joint programming with other counties and/or state agencies in order to minimize costs while providing adequately for the jail residents.

Training is also high on his list with people in his cadre. This individual is a strong administrator but a caring person. He makes sure the job is done, does not tolerate nonsense, but listens and truly cares for the individual, whether they work for him or are incarcerated within his facilities.

Kevin Joyce deserves our vote and to be re-elected.

Stephen Gorden

North Yarmouth


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