Former and current law enforcement officers asked to have their thoughts on Cumberland County Sheriff Kevin Joyce presented – not to tarnish the opposition, but rather to speak of positive traits and professionalism of someone respected.

Sheriff Joyce has more than 27 years of leadership in law enforcement, jail management and comprehensive community commitment.

He is a graduate of the FBI National Academy Executive Leadership program, holds bachelor of science and master’s degrees in business administration and completed other high-level professional development programs.

The theme of service, safety and attention to the quality of life for people, groups and community is prominent in the Office of the Sheriff. We would note that the Cumberland County Jail is the only nationally certified facility in Maine. That is telling in itself.

The jail offers programs to assist inmates seek an improved and productive life after release. Education, drug treatment and other programs assist people make informed decisions and help to reduce inmate recidivism.

In our opinion, the number of people with mental illness housed in jails and prisons is a travesty. There are more people with mental illness in jails and prisons than in mental health facilities. Sheriff Joyce has continuously brought this harmful imbalance to the attention of the public, elected officials and others, seeking resolution to the problem.

Patrol and investigative staff engage in a partnership with Cumberland County citizens and communities, positively impacting on the quality of life for all.

We acknowledge the diversity of education, training, experience and service that Sheriff Joyce offers Cumberland County. Our purpose is to acknowledge his many years of service to residents and visitors, maintaining a familiarity with people and social institutions and dedication as Cumberland County’s sheriff. This is unique and important in this field of occupation.

Richard Lumb