Sarah Palin said, “If I were in charge, they would know that waterboarding is how we baptize terrorists.” Thank goodness she is not in charge!

Christians may disagree on some theological concepts and biblical interpretations. But Christians do not argue with each other when it comes to the sacrament of baptism.

To equate baptism with waterboarding torture is a horrendous thought. It’s almost unbelievable that anyone would believe or say such a thing!

Baptism’s ritual expresses God’s love and acceptance of the one baptized. It is a gift given, not earned. Torture is the opposite, with no words strong enough to say, “No, this is not baptism!”

Normally, I would not dignify such a blasphemous statement with response, but I cannot let Sarah Palin speak for Christians. As a pastor for 34 years, I encouraged discussion among parishioners, with folks outside the church, and between people of other religious beliefs.

I am sure I speak for people I know and the vast majority of people of God from many traditions who say, “No, that’s not me, those aren’t beliefs of Christians I know, nor is it my way of expressing the love of God that I receive.”

Sarah Palin does not speak for me or anyone I know.

Rev. Marilyn Robb

retired United Methodist clergy