As Steve Woods gave a speech at his state Senate campaign kickoff last Wednesday, I realized that there really is no difference between Steve on a podium, in a business suit and in his jeans at one of his children’s games.

Steve’s speech wasn’t your typical campaign speech – it was given by a real person and not a politician.

Steve’s campaign speech was also different because he spent the vast majority of his time on concrete facts, rather than reiterating ideals or making promises. He focused on why he was qualified to represent District 25 in Augusta, and the reasons are many.

His spoken resume was impressive, by any standards. Politicians generally promise to create jobs – he has. They promise to bring money into the state – he has.

They promise to care for the environment. That is an understatement. Steve’s company Tidesmart is in an environmentally state-of-the-art building. Steve is also CEO of Viridescense, a green/eco-friendly/new-energy company. Steve was instrumental in bringing natural gas to Yarmouth, and my family will benefit from that soon.

Steve cares deeply about health care, as the owner of one of the largest health screening companies in the country. As someone who has spent the majority of her career in health care, I have seen firsthand what a difference early detection can make in most illnesses.

I have written letters of support for people running for school committee, because I believed they could really make a difference. With regard to “bigger politics,” I have generally never taken the time because I never felt as strongly that a candidate could make a difference.

I urge you to check out Woods’ website at, and see how much he has to offer.

Valerie Hamilton